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About Chih-Chi

Chih Chi Medical LTD. was established in 2006. At first we sold medical equipment and radiation protection materials and also engaged in radiation protection engineering. Our founder, who has experienced as an engineer for 30 years, always finds a way solving problems for customers. With good techniques, quality and services, we have impressed both our customers and foreign vendors. The correct leadership and the team efforts reflected on good sales performance and profit.


However, we knew we could do more! we were aware of that many of Taiwan medical were dependent on foreign products, but which did not physically fit Oriental figures, so we started to develop our own brand, committed to localize Taiwan medical equipment. In 2013, a series of carbon fiber base plates and radiation protection lead products launched.


Due to the demands of high quality and performance, our products have stood up in domestic markets. In decades we stick to our core principles:” Innovation, Excellence, Customer satisfaction, Sustainable developments" to contribute on enhancing medical industry.


To enhance the management efficiency and quality control, we have registered ISO 13485 certification in 2015 and expected to repay all customers with better and more innovative products.

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