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  • 適合人體臀部和骨盆放療的定位系统。

  • Radiotherapy positioning system suitable for hips and pelvis.

  • 治療骨盆區域時可减少對小腸的輻射。

  • Reduces radiation to small intestine when treating pelvic region.

  • 病人定位和擺位過程中,確保體位一致性和可重複性。

  • Ensures repositioning accuracy between treatments.


  • 規格

  • 尺寸:1211×460×82mm (高度範圍81~84mm)。

  • 頭部和腹部的舒適支撑墊。

  • 三個選配軟墊,可根據需要,暴露下腹部的治療區域。

  • Specification

  • Size:1211×460×82mm (Height:81~84mm)。

  • Comfortable sustaining cushion for head and abdomen.

  • 3 kinds of cushions for option, which exposes the treatment area of the lower abdomen according to demands.

碳纖底板 / 腹板 Bellyborad CC/BELLY-01

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