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  • 為所有身體擺放位置設計
  • 厚度只有1公分, 對病患來說更舒適
  • 低密度使衰減降到最低
  • Lok-bar 系統使病患每次都能擺放至相同位置
  • 肩膀以下雙重定位設計,所有身型適用
  • All-In-One Carbon Fiber Board
  • All-in-one Board is designed for all body position.
  • The thickness is 1cm only, more comfortable for patients.
  • Low density makes the attenuation the lowest.
  • Lok-bar system lead the patient has same position every time.
  • Double-positioning design below shoulders, matches all body types.

碳纖底板 / 全身固定板 All-In-One Carbon Fiber Board

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