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1. 本筆是專為放射腫瘤科解決長期以來無法有效在病人身上留下記號之苦,本公司所自行設計開發的產品。

2. 記號可有效留在病患身上十五天,使用本記號筆之病患回家後,仍可正常盥洗,毋需特別照顧,不會改變病患本身之生活習慣。

3. 使用十五天後,記號會自然消失,不會如同紋身一樣永久留在病患身上。留在

4. 筆尖軟硬適中,不會畫傷病患表皮。筆劃細膩,僅有使用 0.8mm。 


  • This drawing pen is especially designed for radiation oncology patients. The marker usually used in radiation treatment positioning.

  • The marker can last for 15 days and do not need any special care. The ink is nontoxic, nonirritating and safe to use on skin.After 15 days, the mark will disappear automatically.  


  • The product contains alcohol, patients who are allergic to alcohol shall avoid using it. Attention to test on patients’ skin before large scale using.

  • The tip is 0.8mm ,and will not cause any scratching on skin.

  • The mark can be removed by alcohol within 15 minutes.

放腫器耗材 / 長效記號筆 Surgical Marker

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