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1  Balloon 長度 40MM 2MM

2  能 充氣 100ML   10ML

3  外部有明顯刻度指示用於 定位

4  主體長度 210CM 1CM

5  主體 直徑 14MM   2MM

6  附有卡榫接頭可連接打氣筒


  • Reduces the ano-rectal toxicity in patients undergoing external beam radiotherapy for prostate malignancies.

  • Increases gland stability, promoting reproducible daily patient setup

  • Increases sparing of lateral or posterior rectal walls and anal sphincter

  • Carved shaft designed to promote patient comfort and reproducible balloon positioning.

  • Air/water fill volume able to be variety according to clinician preferences.

  • Clamp system for easy lock and release.

放腫器耗材 / 直腸固定器 Endorectal Balloon

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