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醫院用 / 兩件式(單面)鉛衣 Vest and Skirt Apron(Single)

  • Model : SR/SL/SN

    •  較雙面式輕巧,重疊於胸口處便於調整
    •  上下兩截式,身體活動性更佳
    •  有效減輕肩膀之承重,適合需長時間穿戴的人員
    •  側邊採用無接縫工法,防止輻射自側邊洩漏
    •  肩膀及背部加上墊肩及海綿,增加舒適度
    •  用於輻射劑量較大的場合,提供全身性保護
    •  Lighter and handier than Double type.
    •  Overlapping panels for greater adjustment.
    •  Upper and lower two-piece, for greater physical movement.
    •  Effectively reduces the weights on shoulders, suitable for people need long-time wearing.
    •  Seamless craft on both sides prevents radiation leakage.
    •  Shoulder pads and backs foam make comfortable wearing.
    •  For occasions with higher radiation dosage, wrap the whole body.
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